Flameproof Vessel Lamps

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  • RVL type : Mechanical Timer / On-off switch
  • Rating : 10 Watt
  • LED Driver : Phillips / Fulham Make
  • LED : COB Type
  • Holder, ES27 type suitable for LED Lamp 1 No.
  • MOC : Al Die Cast
  • Gas Group : IIA, IIB
  • Area of classification : Zone-1 & Zone-2
  • Cat. No. 128

Flameproof Vessel Lamp-

We offer Vessel Lamp for Halogen Lamp and 200 W GLS Lamp also available.

Lighting Type LED
Type of Lighting Application Indoor lighting
Brand Sudhir


Cat. No. Description.
RVL/A/128 Upto 100W GLS Lamp with/without Switch with Threaded Joints.
RVL/A/181 Upto 100W GLS Lamp with/without Switch with Spigotted Joints.
RVL/OA/1601 Upto 100W GLS Lamp Spigotted Joints.PCD 246 mm
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